VE Sessions

VE Testing Session for June 21, 2016 has been cancelled.

Our next VE Session will be June 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the River Valley Red Cross Chapter at 1299 Pineview Dr. Morgantown, WV.   The WVU VE Team will be taking the lead as the MWA VEs will be on stand by.

Please  register if you are planning on attending the next VE session. This will aid us in planning for the session and will also give us contact information for you in case the session is cancelled.  To register please complete the registration form.

Prior to arriving at the VE Session, please make sure you have the following:


  • Calculator, you will not be allowed to use your cell phone as a calculator.

Link to the NCVEC 605 Form
This form can be completed when you arrive or you can complete the form and print a copy to bring with you to the testing site.

New to HAM radio?  Just received your license.  The ARRL has published a quick start guide to help you set up your first HAM shack.  It can be found here.