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NEXT FIELD DAY JUNE 22 & 23, 2013

If you would like to participate in field day in 2013, contact Field Day coordinator Jay Cunningham KD8QOO at . We need hams who can setup a station, help setup antennas and power distribution. This is a really fun time and a great way to spend time with your fellow amateurs. Make your favorite dish and share at the pot luck dinner on Saturday afternoon. For more information on ARRL Field Day go HERE.


Stations spoken for so far,

80 Meters: Jacob Tennant WF8S after sundown

40 Meters: Josh Smith KD8HRX

20 Meters: Jim Seckel KC8YUI

10 Meters: Jacob Tennant WF8S till sundown


FIELD DAY June 23-24th 2012

Field Day 2012 at Mason Dixon Park.

Well Field Day has come and gone for 2012 and it was a fun and successfull event as usual. We only had two stations this year and ran "2F WV". We used the "F" designator because we were setup in cabins at Mason-Dixon Park and they are Red Cross certified as shelters. We had a good mix of phone and CW contacts on at least 4 bands. I want to thank Sam N8IY for coming out and adding to our list of CW contacts. It was great seeing him and meeting his wife.  Thanks to Jim Seckles KC8YUI, Mig Crowe K8MIG, Dave Herron KD8SIE, Jay Cunningham KD8QOO, Betty Wiley KD8GDZ, John Barnett WV8H, Ray Lewellen K2PQI and of course  Randy Crowe N8OZY our field day coordinator and Jake Tennant WF8S club President. It was a good time and a great cook out. Hope to see you next year! 




80 Meters Bill Shultz WR8S
40 Meters Jim Seckles KC8YUI
20 Meters Randy Crowe N8OZY
15 Meters Jay Cunningham KD8QOO

Jay KD8QOO late at night on 75 meter phone 2012

Jim KC8YUI on a busy 40 meter phone band 2012



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